skin care facials


Facials are one of the many ways you can maintain healthy skin. They can also be a relaxing way to pamper yourself. Facials consist of cleansing and exfoliation, extraction of black heads, acne treatments, and then finish with moisturizing oils that soften and hydrate. Most Facials can be designed to cater to a client’s skin type or problem areas…



Dermaroller Therapy, also known as medical skin needling or micro-needling, is a new minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as scars on the face and body. The treatment uses tiny needles to create tiny, evenly-spaced puncture wounds on the skin…

vampire facial


It shouldn’t come as no surprise that this fascination with vampires has made its way into the skin-care world in the form of the Facial. PRP facials Known as the “Vampire facial” is a nonsurgical rejuvenation treatment for aging skin is actually quite safe. Your own blood, in the form of platelet-rich plasma (PRP), is used to rejuvenate the appearance of facial tissues…

laser hair removal


If you struggle with removing unwanted hair, you’re not alone. Many women find it difficult to keep up with the very time consuming and ineffective treatments of maintaining a hairless body. If you’re a waxer, you know that you must visit the salon every 4-6 weeks to undergo the painful process of waxing, just to attain a short lived silky skin…



BOTOX Cosmetic is the first and only FDA-approved product that temporarily improves the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows and moderate to severe crow’s feet in adults. Unlike a face lift or other kind of invasive facial rejuvenation procedure, BOTOX® Cosmetic takes minutes and requires zero downtime…

acne treatments


Years ago, teenagers with acne were told to cut out the potato chips and given a tube of Clearasil. Today, we know far more about the reasons why some people develop acne and how it can most effectively be treated. All cases of acne are not created equal, and neither are all acne treatments. Although all acne has its roots in the same process…



Aging is a part of life, and as the years pass, the less vibrant, refreshed and youthful the skin may begin to look. When you are young, there is an abundance of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin which gives your skin support, volume and suppleness. As we age, these natural structures become less plentiful. The result is wrinkles, facial lines and skin laxity…

decolletage treatments


At the Pelle Dolce Day Spa Clinics, we offer a wide range of treatments to reverse the damage and a multi-layered approach is required to restore your lack luster cleavage to its former glory! The new décolletage treatments are not only pretty painless and fabulously successful; you can actually have them done without anyone ever knowing…



The Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment utilizes micro-focused ultrasound therapy and takes about 30 minutes. The Treatment stimulates the natural formation of collagen and elastin in the skin’s foundation to gradually smooth wrinkles of the neck, chin and the decollete. Meaningful results are achieved in just one treatment, and there’s a quick recovery…



Our hair removal specialists are able to deliver the most painless Brazilian Wax & Bikini Wax experience. You can relax knowing that you are getting the highest quality of hair removal treatment available for women and men. We’re of the mind that if you’re going to dare to go bare you should know all the hairy details first!

cellulite removal treatment


Cellulite affects about 90% of all women as well as some men. Some people think that cellulite is a disease; however, that is not true. After years of research, the cause of cellulite was finally determined. TOXINS. Toxins in the air, toxins in our food, toxins in our every day products, etc. Cellulite forms when these toxins enter the fat deposits….

myofacial massage therapy


Massage is the one of the most healing things you can do for your body. The nurturing touch of massage is very relaxing, instinctual, and more beneficial than we think. Massage reduces stress, alleviates depression, decreases pain, and helps boosts our immune system. Swedish massage is what comes to mind when most people think of massage…

dermaplaning treatment


Dermaplaning is an excellent treatment for freshening and vitalizing our skin. Dermaplaning is usually only performed on the face and generally excludes blading of the nose, eye lids, neck, or chest. Furthermore, it is recommended that the procedure be done every 3 to 4 weeks, which coincides with a normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days…

stretch mark removal treatments


Stretch marks also known as striae, are a form of skin scarring associated with pregnancy, obesity, puberty, and short-term weight gain from body building and other physical activities. Stretch marks form when the dermis, the middle layer of the skin that maintains shape and elasticity is stretched more than it can tolerate.

CIT collagen induction therapy


CIT is a natural skin rejuvenation approach to improve and prevent wrinkles and is an effective alternative to Botox and fillers. Collagen Induction Therapy is the only true skin rejuvenation treatment that targets and regulates the 3 key skin cell types necessary for healthy younger looking skin without compromising the integrity of the epidermis…



Microdermabrasion is one of the more recent skin-care techniques to have crossed over from Hollywood to the mainstream. It’s being advanced as an “instant facelift” An effective alternative to more invasive procedures like plastic surgery, chemical peels and Botox injections. Recently, more and more men are trying it, instead of pursuing cosmetic surgery…

acne phototherapy treatments


The physical and emotional effects of acne marks and acne scars can last long after an episode disappears. An acne breakout is annoying enough, but the dark acne marks and scars it leaves behind are often worse. While there isn’t a magic wand that can get rid of them overnight, there are treatments that help to get rid of them…

chemical peel facial


A chemical peel is a form of skin treatment solution that restores the skin surface to make it smoother and more radiant. Do you have wrinkles, scars or sun damaged skin? Would you like to have your skin’s complexion changed to a fresher and brighter look? All you need is to visit our day spa for a chemical peel. The Peel only takes about 30 minutes…


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  • It is so hard to find a trustworthy skin care company like yours. It seems like there is so much misinformation out there to sort through. I love that you are honest about skin care and you don’t promise unreal results. I have been noticing more and more that all the so called “best” creams are white.  How can there be a decent concentration of natural ingredients like herbs, teas, oils, roots or extracts in a product that is white. Natural ingredients are green, tan, and brown, how can you mix those into your products and have it come out

    Nicole S.

  • I really appreciate that you have spent a lot time formulating a natural, toxin free, safer anti aging cream that to help the signs of aging. I have been using your product for the past 4 months and the results are amazing, I can’t believe how well it is working.

    Serena P.

  • Ladies let me tell you, It is possible to improve the appearance of your cellulite. My skin is responding quickly to the treatment. The Pelle Dolce cream is natural and is designed to effect the root of the problem. I tell all my friends that it is the best cream for cellulite available. Don’t be fooled by all those other creams that just dehydrate the skin making it look tighter for a few hours only.

    Wendy Q.

  • Your skin care product line says the products works best if used at least once per day,  I can certainly vouch for its effectiveness in my case. All of your skin care products have a nice sweet scent and make your skin feel moisturized. They also helped my uneven skin tone. I can’t wait to try your hair care products.

    Heidi W.

  • I purchased your acne face cleanse because I have adult acne.  I know you said it will take some time to get the best results but so far it looks so much better.  Everything else I tried was so abrasive and drying to my skin. Thank you.

    Alexis H.

  • I am so happy with your self tanner cream, My stomach, butt and thighs have never looked better. I tried most of the other tanning creams but they tend to be very greasy and leave you spotty. I was about to try the spray on stuff from Fake Tan place but there is so many chemicals in it I was afraid it might damage my skin. Then I found your website and your wonderful skin care products. Thank you so much.

    Heather K.

  • I had used your stretch mark cream to help get rid of some stretch marks on my belly and I was so impressed that I am now using your cellulite cream. It has only been three weeks and the cellulite seems to be fading away already. I am now buying the cellulite cream for my best friend who was in desperate need. I would recommend Pelle Dolce cellulite cream formula to every woman.

    Ashley G.

  • I have tried all the so-called best eye cream treatments on the market. I tried retinol, collagen creams, even the really expensive eye serums and still I only had temporary or no results. I had given up hope until I found you. I am extremely pleased with my results so far after just 2 months.

    Mary J.

  • I tried all of the anti wrinkle creams endorsed by celebrity’s and models hoping it would be different than all the other anti aging eye creams… but I didn’t get any results from theirs either. Then I found your website and your wonderful skin care products. I am going to try yours and see if you are for real.

    Susie J.

  • I have been doing some research and I have concluded that most so called anti aging products just use ingredients like hyaluronic acid because of its ability to just temporarily plump up the skin with water. I am impressed that you have used natural anti-oxidants, emollients, vitamins, peptides and enzymes in your skin care products.

    Mia B.

  • I have pregnancy stretch marks everywhere. I have stretch marks on my stomach, breasts, thighs, and even stretch marks on my butt. I have tried all the stretch mark removal treatments on the market with little results. I tried all the creams and oils and even laser stretch mark removal and It did lessen the redness of the stretch marks some. I had given up hope, and then my doctor referred me to you guys. I am extremely pleased with my results so far after just 2 months. I can’t thank you enough.

    Brandee D.

  • I’m a 28 year old and have been doing fitness shows for the last 7 years. Since my pregnancy I have stretch marks on my stomach, thighs, hips, and on my butt. I’ve used the creams and the oils, cocoa butter and some vitamin E but nothing seemed to really make a difference.  I am using your Crema Tratto Marchio and your Crema Contorno and my experience has been great with both of them. They have helped me look so much better for my next fitness competition.

    Ruth L.

  • I started sun tanning when I was 16 and it has ruined my skin. Now I am 35 and I have sun damage everywhere especially on my face and neck. I can’t wait to see how well your décolletage lightening cream will help with my sun spots.

    Jennifer R.

  • Your after sun cream really helped my latest sun burn. It didn’t sting when I put it on and it kept my skin from itching. It was very moisturizing without being greasy and my skin didn’t blister and peel off like it has so many times in the past. I also love your natural sun block cream.

    Ava T.

  • I used every oil and cellulite cream out there, three times a day for months and my cellulite was still awful! It was so bad. My butt looked like I eat cream cheese for every meal. Then my dermatologist recommended Pelle Dolce cream because it is formulated by doctors and scientists who specialize in natural products. Now my cellulite is soooo much better.

    Emily H.

  • There was cellulite covering my butt, legs, thighs and my belly. The cellulite dimples were deep. I dint think anything would help. I would have been happy with just some improvement. I went online and bought your cellulite treatment cream, and applied it faithfully several times a day, for about 15 weeks now, and the results are amazing. It’s not totally gone but it is getting there.

    Linda O.

  • I was a 17 year old teenage girl who had terrible acne all over my cheeks and forehead. I tried all the over the counter remedies but nothing worked. I even tried expensive medicated cream that just burned my face. I have been using your face cleanse along with the acne moisturizer as well as your acne scar cream and my face is so much clearer. thank you so much

    Rita S.

  • My dermatologist recommended Pelle Dolce Skin care products because they are formulated by doctors who specialize in organic natural products.  I started using the topical vitamin c eye serum just 2 weeks ago and I can already see a difference.

    Tamara G.

  • The detoxifying green tea mask I bought is awesome. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. Who would have thought that it would get rid of my black heads and make my skin feel younger at the same time. I thought it would be nice to let you ladies know that there is a better choice out there.

    Ellen S.

  • Wow, your Self Tanning cream is amazing too. I was so impressed with the results I got from your stretch mark cream, that I decided to try your Self Tanning cream as well. I have been using the Self Tanning cream for a couple months off and on. I also love your tinted moisturizer and sun block for the face.

    Nadine P.

  • Your Moisturizers seem to work better than the rest, and I can certainly vouch for its effectiveness in my case. It has a nice sweet scent and it makes my skin feel so smooth and soft. Ladies give the products a chance, I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Carmen L.

  • I started using the Pelle Dolce foot cream after my heals cracked open and started bleeding. I had terribly dry skin on both ankles and heals. Your exfoliating papaya and pineapple enzyme scrub and moisturizer has totally helped my skin and my feet look amazing.

    Holly M.

  • The older I get, the more wrinkles I see… I know that I can’t remove them completely but your anti aging serum with vitamin C has definitely made a world of difference. I love this stuff, I show all my girlfriends how good my skin looks.

    Laura H.

  • This might be the best anti aging cream on the market. I have tried most of the other wrinkle creams but I never saw any results.  I have been using your anti wrinkle cream for 2 months now and my wrinkles are much less noticeable now.

    Laurie A.

  • My acne started to appear when I was around 13 years old. I have very white skin so it really stands out. I was tired of being teased at school. I had read all about acne treatments and tried a few, but only yours has offered me good results. In about 2 weeks, it was a lot less noticeable.

    Catie M.

  • I’m a 26 year old women who has stretch marks on my upper thighs and butt. This appeared around my growth spurt years, at 12 or 13 years old. They were itchy and red and then slowly faded to a white color. I’ve read all about stretch mark treatments and tried a few, but only yours has showed good results. In about 2 months, I noticed a difference and at 4 months they seem a lot less noticeable. The tube says to use it for at least 6 months for optimum results. I’ll keep you informed.

    Susan G.

  • I typed how to remove stretch marks into google and your skin care website came up. I appreciate all the information about stretch marks and what causes them, because I was really looking for a way to get rid of stretch marks naturally. I have been using your stretch mark cream for 6 weeks and I have noticed a difference already. I know you said it will take some time to get maximum results but it looks good so far. Thanks for the honesty.

    Debbie B.

  • My kids love the sun block and after sun lotion. I know that because the sun block is natural that it can wash off easier than the others when you get wet and then need to be re-applied, but I am much happier using it than a bunch of unsafe or toxic chemicals on my skin, and my kid’s skin.

    Haylee V.

  • I didn’t know how to get rid of scars safely then I came across your skin care website. I really appreciate that you have spent a lot time formulating a natural safe scar cream. This cream is amazing, I have been using it everyday for the past 3 months and I see great results. Thank you.

    Kelly F.

  • I started using Pelle Dolce natural hand moisturizer this winter. Being outside in the cold so much had turned my skin into dry chapped leather. Since I have been using your products my skin feels so much better. Thank you this stuff is amazing.

    Tanya C.

  • There was cellulite covering my butt, legs and my thighs. The dimples and dents were deep and I didn’t think anything would help. I would have been happy with just some improvement.  I went online and bought your contouring cream, and applied it faithfully several times a day, for about 15 weeks now, and the results are awesome. It’s not totally gone but it is getting there.

    Hope N.

  • This cellulite contouring cream is amazing, I have been using it everyday for the past 5 weeks and I can see improvement. I have tried other cellulite creams that said caffeine was the secret. They did make it look a little better but the results were temporary and some didn’t work at all.  I really appreciate that you have spent a lot time formulating a natural, caffeine free product that offers us ladies a fighting chance. Thank you.

    Barbara M.

  • I’ve tried every one of the face creams on the market. I even tried a laser wrinkle resurfacing treatment at a cosmetic skin care center.  After 1 very painful treatment I felt like my skin was 1 big scar.  So I am hoping your products can restore a more healthy appearance to my skin.  I’ll keep you updated.

    Sara K.

  • I have tried all the creams I have tried all the oils for my pregnancy stretch marks. After 4 months, the red marks of the scars did fade a tiny bit. I wasted even more time on laser resurfacing until my Doctor referred me to Pelle Dolce. Believe me if you are serious about making a change to your skin you should try this stretch mark cream. It will take some time so don’t give up.  He also recommended the Acne Scar cream for my daughter’s acne scars. It is working great for both of us.

    Valerie R.

  • I started fitness shows when I was 19. I got down to 5 % body fat and I still had cellulite. I’ve tried every one of the creams from the internet. I even tried laser cellulite treatment at a cosmetic skin care center. I was skeptical, but I wanted to try it. After 6 weekly treatments there wasn’t much change either, and the procedure costs $250 a session. I decided to try one last cream, yours. So far, so good. It has been 4 weeks and I definitely see a difference.

    Staci H.

  • I used every oil and scar cream out there, three times a day, after my plastic surgery and my scars were still awful! They were deep, red and really painful. My Plastic surgeon recommended Pelle Dolce scar cream. It was formulated by doctors who specialize in natural products. Now my scars are so much better. The redness is gone and the scars are fading. Thank you.

    Tricia Y.

  • Thank god you have a stretch mark cream. I got terrible pregnancy stretch marks after my first child and even more stretch marks after pregnancy number 2. They were really embarrassing and I swore I would never wear a bikini again. Until now. It did take a few weeks for me to notice a good change and now I can hardly see them. Thank you, thank you.

    Kathi B.

  • I tried everything imaginable for my cellulite. After months of this and months of that, the cellulite did not get better at all. My mom who is 56 years old referred me to Pelle Dolce cellulite cream, she has been using it for 9 months and she looks great. Believe me if you want real long lasting results you should try this cellulite cream.

    Carol S.

  • Thank god you have real natural skin care serums for the face and the body, I was so concerned about putting unsafe chemical preservatives on my face. Ladies trust me, stick with it for a few months, this anti aging cream helps and it is made with organic ingredients.

    Rachael D.

  • I have tried most of the self tanning creams from the internet. I even tried the spray on stuff at the tanning salon but it really made your tan look fake. At first I was skeptical of yours, but I wanted to try it.. So far so good. It has been 3 weeks and I am definitely seeing a nice all over even color to my skin.

    Jamie P.

  • I have been using your sun products for the past few years and the benefits are amazing, I have tried all of the other natural sun screen creams and they didn’t seem to work very well. We especially love the after sun cream, cause lets face it sometimes we forget the sun block.

    Mariah G.

  • I am a 27 year old actress and I occasionally have to do nude scenes. I used to have a butt double stand in for me for the close up shots. How embarrassing. I was so paranoid about putting toxins on my skin and didn’t know who I could trust. I asked my stand in how she keeps her skin looking so good. She said “Pelle Dolce” I tried your products a few months ago and I have been hooked ever since, now she is out of a job.

    Briana S.

  • The Pelle Dolce detoxifying mask and facial moisturizer is the best solution for problem skin. Their special herbal ingredients and vitamins are introduced into the skin through a trans dermal delivery system of emollients and essential oils. These natural ingredients are designed to help promote fresh oxygen and nutrients into the skin. I can honestly say that my skin has never looked better.

    Amanda B.

  • I’m a 26 year old woman who already has dry patchy skin around my eyes. I’ve read all about the face creams on the market and I have tried a few of them, but I don’t feel like they offer any real results. They seemed to make my face look puffy which does cover up the dry skin temporarily, but in the morning my face feels so dry again. Your face moisturizer product has shown me good lasting results. It has been about a month now, and my skin feels much softer and smoother.  Thank you.

    Sandy K.

  • I can truly say this is the best stretch mark cream I have used. I have tried most of the other stretch mark and scar creams on the department store shelves but I didn’t see any results. I have been using your product for the past 3 months and the results are incredible, I can’t believe how much better my skin looks. Ladies trust me, stick with it for a few months, this stretch marks cream is the best and it is made from natural ingredients.

    Natalie E.

  • I really like the natural sun block you guys sell. It is so hard to find sun block that isn’t full of chemicals that can actually increase your chances of getting skin cancer. I knew there had to be a safe alternative that was healthier for the skin.

    Tina R.

  • I was so impressed with the results I got from your cellulite cream, that I decided to try your other skin care products as well. I love your pumpkin detoxifying facial mask and your coffee sugar body scrub. It smells great and really exfoliates my skin while leaving it smooth and silky.

    Helen D.

  • I love this stuff, I have been so embarrassed by my scars for as long as I can remember. I talked with some plastic surgeons and they said surgery was an option for scar removal and that I should try some laser treatment or a scar cream first. They recommended Pelle Dolce and I am so grateful they did it has been wonderful for my skin.

    Lisa Y.

  • I am on my 3rd free bottle of Pelle Dolce self tanner. I love that you reward your current clients with free bottles of Pelle Dolce for referring their friends to Pelle Dolce. I show all my girlfriends how good my skin looks. I also love that you stand behind your products, It is so nice to find a trustworthy skin care company like yours.

    Edie M.

  • I was referred to Pelle Dolce for my acne. Their face cleanse and anti acne cream is working great for me. I have been using it every morning, night time or after a shower and my face is so much clearer.

    Becky G.

  • I have been using Pelle Dolce’s contouring cream for 5 months now. I get surprised every time I look at my body in the mirror. My friends say that I do not look like I have ever had children because my skin has gotten so much better.

    Dee Dee F.

  • I’ve been using the Pelle Dolce cellulite contouring cream as part of my daily treatment routine. I have been using it every morning after I shower and again at night. I have used other creams and serums and no results. So I wasn’t sure if yours would work to remove my cellulite. It did moisturize my skin very well and the dimples are slowly disappearing. I am so happy with my results so far, I am going to continue using it until they are totally gone.

    Kim P.

  • I am so happy with your Sun Block, my skin is very white and I sun burn easy. I actually got your sunscreen and after sun products from my dermatologist after she recommended it. I love that it is natural and full of great organic ingredients which is so much better for your skin.

    Traci V.

  • I have been so embarrassed by my wrinkles for as long as I can remember. They make me look older than I really am.  I talked with a lot of plastic surgeons and they all said face lift surgery was my only option for wrinkle removal. I know that nothing will turn back the clock completely but my goal is to postpone surgery till I get much older. I have been using your anti aging moisturizing day and night cream for 3 weeks and I have noticed a difference already. I will keep you updated with my results.

    Aimee S.

  • I appreciate all the information about skin care and your great skin care tips, because I was really looking for a natural anti aging moisturizer and a true organic anti wrinkle eye cream. These days it is so hard trying to figure out who I can trust, especially on the internet.

    Abby R.

  • I am 37 years old and have a fare complexion. I had small sun damage spots all over my neck and chest. I researched the ingredients of the so called organic products and found a bunch of toxins & preservatives. I researched your Decolletage cream and found natural and organic ingredients. So I know it is safer for my skin, I hope it works. I’ll get back to you, hopefully with good results.

    Rebecca K.