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Crema Tratto Marchio is our stretch mark cream that is a better, safer, more effective way to improve the appearance of stretch marks. We formulated our triple action proprietary cream with the best possible organic ingredients known for their specific cellular properties. We can't promise you that our product will remove your scars completely, but we can promise that our stretch mark cream is the best and most organic you will find. Our Scientist’s spent over 10,000 hours researching herbs, moisturizers, emollients, antioxidants, essential oils and vitamins that are best known for their healing properties and scar reducing abilities and then we blended the best of these organic ingredients into our all natural stretch mark cream. Try it you will love it.



When we started this product, we wanted to make a real stretch mark cream that could do more than just offer you temporary results. Crema Tratto Marchio is one of our proudest achievements. It is our all natural stretch mark cream made from organic ingredients and only 1 preservative.  It is a better, safer, and more effective cream than traditional over the counter products. A stretch mark cream without the potential harmful side effects of drugs and chemicals. 

So the big question we tried to solve is… how can you get rid of scars safely and still get good long lasting results?  First our Scientists and Doctors spent thousands of hours researching how normal skin cells and scar tissue cells remodel and regenerate. Then they researched every known ingredient that skin cells could possible utilize to help cellular functions.  After many, many formulas and clinical studies, we finally came up with the perfect triple action proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, herbs, essential oils and vitamins that are designed to help at the cellular level.

We started with a couple ingredients that improve circulation by vasodialation. The idea is that with more blood flow, you will get more fresh vital oxygen needed for healthy cellular function.  Then we searched the entire globe for oils, herbs and vitamins that are known for their ability to help break down scar tissue.  We could only find 2.

Next, we added ingredients that are the building block nutrients of healthy elastin and collagen, (the connective fibers of the skin) that your skin cells can use to regenerate more normally.  Last, we use 16 different emollients that penetrate deeper into the layers of skin and help to pull all the other ingredients with them. 

Cellular remodeling is complicated. See, the average life span of collagen and elastin cells is 4 months. Your body has the ability to transform unhealthy cells into more healthy cells, but it takes some time. According to our clients, most women began to see results around 2-3 weeks, and good results after 8-12 weeks of continual use.

Women who used the stretch mark cream for longer than 6 months reported an average improvement of 90% or better.

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