Our story is about our daughter Molly. Molly has very sensitive skin and has to be very careful about what skin care products she uses on her face. Like most women, Molly began taking care of her skin at an early age. As a teenager she suffered with terrible acne so we took her to see many, many dermatologists. Unfortunately all of them prescribed medications full of chemicals that actually burned and scarred her skin.

Adolescence is a tough time in a girls life and having acne makes it even more difficult. During those troubling years she tried every cream, lotion or serum that was supposed to be safe for her type of skin. Before she tried any of these products, we would read the labels and do our own research about every ingredient; the benefits and the side effects. We quickly became scared to try anything. The majority of these so called best products use preservatives that are the primary ingredients of anti-freeze which is very toxic and damaging to the skin.

About the time she started high school we noticed that the acne was beginning to permanently scar her face. Soon the relentless teasing began. I wanted Molly’s high school experience to be something she could fondly remember for the rest of her life. I wanted her to have fun with her friends, date a boy or two, go to football games and be asked out to prom. All she wanted to do was hide in her room. It was breaking my heart. So I decided to take her situation into my own hands. I couldn’t sit by and watch my sweet, beautiful fun loving daughter disappear. So I started learning everything I could about skin.

I read every book I could get my eyes on. After 6 months I felt like I had enough knowledge to make my first natural safe skin care product. An acne scar cream. A natural product that could heal her skin, kill the acne bacteria and remodel the scar tissue. I’ll be honest It wasn’t easy. My first product had 34 ingredients and getting them to blend together, absorb into the skin, and smell good was tricky. After I perfected my formula, Molly agreed to try it and within one week she noticed that the redness, the dry flaky skin and the acne was so much better. She was hooked, and soon all the girls in her class were begging me to try it.

That was 14 years ago and now we have over 20 natural skin care products. In order for our skin care products to achieve the best standards possible, we spend thousands of hours doing our homework. We searched the entire globe and discovered the finest organic farmers from over 50 countries.  To keep our products the purest and most natural possible, we import the best fruits, flowers, oil, herbs, and extracts fresh from these growers every week. We also wanted our products to stay truly all natural, so for over a whole year we tested over 100 different ingredients that could be used as safe natural preservatives. To control our quality, we make all of our skin care products in house every day.

At our Skin Care Clinics, we take pride in providing the most professional services possible.  How do we do this?  By establishing personal relationships with our clients and their families. Getting to know their personal likes and dislikes and how we can better serve their needs. We also incorporate a business style that recognizes each employee as a valuable member of our team.  It is important to have a blend of positive, supportive people who can help us all see our strengths and our weaknesses. People who want to help make the world a better, healthier place. Together, we believe that the best in each of us, enriches all of us.

Our favorite way of expressing our gratitude is by giving back to women’s organizations. We donate a percentage of all Pelle Dolce sales to charity. Organizations whose primary goal is to help support women and girls from all of over the world. At Pelle Dolce we love to improve the lives of everyone we touch, now and into the future.

Our mission at Pelle Dolce is to enhance the beauty of all women with quality natural skin care products made from organic ingredients that are safe for all skin types. Welcome to the Pelle Dolce family, please enjoy our website. It is a great source of accurate information and the truth about skin care products. We want to help you make the best informed choices about your skin care. Thank you and always be well.


Molly B.

CEO & President of Operations
Molly is our President of operations. She is the glue that holds our company together. You couldn't ask for a better mentor.

Lori J.

Vice President
Lori is our Vice President of Operations. Her brilliant ideas have made us one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Olivia S.

Social Media Director
Olivia is our Social Media Director. Check out her Facebook posts of current events, sales coupons & our best weekly deals.

Angela D.

H.R. Director / Business Operations
Angela is our Human Resource & Operations Director. She is in charge of keeping us running on time & on budget.

Abby G.

Sales Manager
Abby has the toughest job of all, our lead Sales Manager. She is in charge of more than 200 sales reps in North & South America.

Maggie T.

Foreign Relations
Maggie is our Foreign Relations Manager. She is responsible for all overseas operations for Europe, Russia, Asia & Australia.

Katie W.

Inventory Manager
Katie is our Inventory Manager. She is in charge of importing more than 500 organic ingredients from over 50 countries.

Ashley S.

R&D assistant
Ashley is our newest addition. She helps our Research & Development team of Doctors & Biochemists test new products.

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