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Wholesale Agreement, Terms of Sale, and Resale Policy

Dear Potential Wholesale Account, we wish to thank you for your interest in Pelle Dolce LLC. We hold your business in high regard; as such, we carefully screen and approve Wholesale Account requests to allow us to grow and meet your needs at a pace that won’t sacrifice our business and families, or yours.

Please consider the following terms of our Wholesale Accounts, and if you are in agreement, complete and sign the application below, emailing the requested documentation to us at or fax to (480) 991-0682.

Once we determine that our interests are mutually beneficial, we’ll send you our price list and other applicable information, including access to our wholesale-only website. We appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Also, the following MUST accompany your Wholesale Application:
• A picture of your brick and mortar doctor’s office, medical spa or retail store
• Verification of dedicated business telephone number (or other utility) in the name of the applying Wholesale Account A
• A copy of business card (or other identifying stationery) in the name of applying Wholesale Account.
• State sales tax license
• City or state Business License

All Pelle Dolce Wholesale Accounts must maintain a current re seller policy on file with us at all times. This includes your states sales tax number and business license number.

Please note: Wholesale Applications are reviewed within five business days of receipt. We may contact you for clarification or to request additional information that will help us understand how we can best meet your needs.

Wholesale Agreement and Terms of Sale. Your submission of this Wholesale Application indicates that you agree to the terms of the following Wholesale Agreement.


Pelle Dolce offers four Wholesale Account purchase options, wholesale pricing is based on volume, as outlined below. Once you establish your account at a certain level, you may change your Wholesale Account level by making the minimum initial order at the level required for the desired Wholesale account discount.

All subsequent orders must then match the minimum reorder to receive the same discount percentage.

Wholesale 1 – $250 order receives a 35% discount off of MSRP
Wholesale 2 – $500 order receives a 40% discount off of MSRP
Wholesale 3 – $1,000 order receives a 45% discount off of MSRP
Wholesale 4 – $2,000 + order receives a 50% discount off of MSRP


All Pelle Dolce Products or goods purchased at wholesale pricing shall only be sold at or above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP).

In the event the Wholesale Account chooses to place the products or goods for sale at a discount, the Wholesale Account shall not discount the products more than 10% below MSRP. Before Wholesale Account holder sells any products below MSRP you must have written approval from Pelle Dolce. Wholesale Account holder is prohibited from advertising in any form, a sale price, discounts, or special pricing. Failure to obey either of these stipulations will result in immediate termination of this contract and cancelation of any future Sales to Wholesale Account holder.

Pelle Dolce has the right to sell its products online at In order to drive more customers to their closest local retailer, Pelle dolce charges all online customers full MSRP plus a large shipping and handling charge. All Phone customers will be directed to the closest Pelle Dolce sales retailer.


Because we exclusively sell our products to doctors’ offices, medical spas, and resort spas, it is strictly forbidden for you or any of your subsidiaries to sell products or goods purchased from or produced by Pelle Dolce through any on-line auction or online store (such as EBay, Amazon, or other similar sites).

Wholesale Account holders may advertise that they sell Pelle Dolce on their own business website, but all Website advertising must be first approved by Pelle Dolce. Wholesale Account holder may advertise Pelle Dolce on their business website, but you are not permitted to sell Pelle Dolce products through any shopping cart feature. Account holders caught violating this policy will be have their contract terminated immediately and will forfeit all future sales of Pelle Dolce.


Pelle Dolce requires its Wholesale Accounts to maintain adequate working knowledge of our products to provide in depth customer service to your end consumer. Pelle Dolce will make available marketing materials in various forms for your customers to take home with them (at your discretion). Of course, if at any time you receive a question that you simply cannot answer, feel free to contact Pelle Dolce Customer Service.


Participation in our Recycling Program is voluntary, but strongly encouraged. Pelle Dolce was formed from a deep desire to reduce the amount of waste headed to landfills, incinerators, etc., as generated by the industry in which we participate. As such, we use packaging for our products that are recycled and recyclable.


Wholesale accounts at Level 1 and 2 are subject to a $25 dollar shipping charge. Wholesale accounts at Level 3 and 4 receive free shipping on all orders.


Pelle Dolce will make available on its Wholesale Website images that you might require for your print and online advertising. Should you require any additional images, please contact us by email. Any imagery you provide yourself must be approved prior to use (please allow adequate lead-time for approval; two weeks is recommended).


We’d like you to feel free to “test” any new products offered by Pelle Dolce before bringing them into your inventory. By the time we introduce them to you, they’ve been heavily tested and we feel confident you’ll love them. But, we’re realistic enough to know that it’s difficult to commit to something sight unseen. We want you and your clients to love our skin care products, and to share their experience with their friends and family

As such, we have developed a Sampling Program, whereby potential Wholesale Accounts may receive one bottle/jar/tube of each product. Just pay the $20 to cover the shipping fees.

Existing Wholesale Accounts may receive a sample of any new products introduced by Pelle Dolce (limited to one) without a shipping charge.


Any Wholesale Account is prohibited from distributing Pelle Dolce goods and products to any other entity for re-sale. Any Wholesale Account who does not follow these guidelines will be terminated immediately and this agreement becomes null and void.


Pelle Dolce will at its discretion, invite you to participate in certain advertising and marketing opportunities, some of which might be joint endeavors. An example of this might include an advertisement in a magazine where retailers will have the opportunity to split the cost of the ad between Pelle Dolce and other retailers who elect to participate.

Pelle Dolce is also open to supporting you with advertising in your local publications. Please contact us for information. Participation in such promotion is voluntary and not required in any way. Additionally, Pelle Dolce will maintain a “Where to Buy” page on our website to direct consumers to a list of retailers from which they may choose to purchase their Pelle Dolce products. is Pelle Dolce’s online shopping cart for both retail and wholesale ordering. You can sign up for a free account on the site, but will need to contact us for account approval at your respective Wholesale Level.


At this time, Pelle Dolce is not extending credit terms. All orders must be accompanied by pre-payment. You may order from or by fax with credit card or Paypal payment, or you may alternatively mail your order along with credit card information or check or money order. Orders sent with check payment will be held until the check has cleared our bank (usually just a few days, but may take 7-10 business days).


Order errors must be brought to Pelle Dolce Customer Service attention within 5 business days of receipt of shipment. Wholesale sales are considered final with no returns. We endeavor to protect your reputation, and ours; if you or your customer finds an issue related to shipping or manufacturing defects during the first 60 days, we will work with you to find a resolution.


Wholesale Account agrees that Pelle Dolce makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the merchant ability of Pelle Dolce products. Wholesale Account also agrees that Pelle Dolce is not liable for any misuse or misrepresentations of the goods by the Wholesale Account or the final retail purchaser or consumer, and indemnifies Pelle Dolce for any legal actions that emanate from such actions. Pelle Dolce reserves the right to change the terms of this Agreement or to revoke approved Wholesale Account as necessary. Any changes to this agreement will be forwarded to all Wholesale Account holders.


We are located on the Via Por Santa Maria in Florence Italy.


Call our wonderful customer care for information or support: + 844 215 6272


You can also send us a message. Our email address is